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About the Bent T-Post.....



I've ​always love the Western and Southwest to wear and have them in my home.  However, it seemed all the items I liked were so expensive....that's when I started my own on-line business and have the items everyone wants at a reasonable cost.  The colors are vibrant and will brighten up your home!  Located in Emory, Texas a small business ran out of my home.


If you are looking for other items, that are not on my website or you are looking for certain colors, different size, send me an email at and let me know what your looking for.  

I'll start the hunt!  


Please note:  These are NOT handmade items!



All prices include handling and taxes.  If you want more than what is currently available, please send me an email and I will process your order and send you a invoice through PayPal.  Keep in mind, items that are out of stock may take a few extra days. 

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